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Course Name: WordPress Theme Development & Plugin Customize Admission Now

WordPress Theme Development & Plugin Customize


This advanced course for WordPress Theme Development and Plugin Customization training is for advanced learners who plan to build a career in Theme Development for websites. The prerequisite of this course is the Web Design & Development with CMS Concept Course. In this time we are popular to advanced WordPress training center Satkhira Bangladesh.

WordPress is the current leader for the Content Management System on the market. It powers a big percentage of the web. There is an ever-growing need for WordPress Develops who can build and customize themes and plug-ins.

If you are willing to learn everything starting from customizing themes or starting to build plug-ins, then this is just the course for you. You can get to learn in depth how WordPress works under the hood. There are so many things you can learn- that include template files and tags for hooks and internal APIs. If you want to build bigger and more custom projects with WordPress or even trying to get a good job with a company building WordPress projects, then this course is for you. If you can already build and style a basic web page with HTML and CSS, then the course will get much easier for you.

When you can learn the skills this course has, you will feel incredibly empowered on building nearly anything you can imagine with WordPress. After you complete the course, you will feel confident working on a professional level in the field as a WordPress developer. You will get to build a theme and plug-in alongside the course as well as a theme and plug-in to call your own.

WordPress themes are always here to give an upper-hand if you are not a coder. You can manage high quality and professional websites using WordPress themes and this is all cost-effective. The platform can be quite amazing as you get a high score with the user-friendliness. There is a lot of versatility with the design and the functionality and let’s not forget the great SEO potential. The best thing is, you don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy for this.

With WordPress being open-source, the real cherry on top is the fact that you will get a huge network and support. So you ultimately will not have to blow your budget. A major element that you have to keep in mind while you browse for themes is: you must make a way for managing all the aspects of your learning. A learning management system for the courses and tutorials is mostly handled with a plug-in. Some courses and tutorials can present some design challenges which can be solved with a particular theme. In addition to that, there are few themes which can bundle up functionality like the timers and quizzes etc. This ensures that things are simple.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. Our course starts from the very beginning, creating a theme from Photoshop PSD format to WordPress. This type of job is very demanding in the online marketplace. Our teaching method is beginner friendly with specially designed course materials.

In this course, we also teach our students how to customize modules and plugins, and then integrate those into a dynamic WordPress site. This is a project based course, where a project is to be submitted in the end. We also provide videos at the end of the class for revising at home.

Course Fee & Schedule

Course Fee 11,999 BDT
Start date 01 June , 2020
Total classes 25
Schedule 1 9.00 am to 11.00 pm
Schedule 2 12.00 PM to 2.00 PM
Schedule 3 4.00 PM To 6.00 PM
Choice 2/3 days a week
Total Seat 10 students per batch.
Pre-requisite IT Knowledge, Internet Browsing Knowledge
Total Hours 50 hrs
Class Duration 2 hrs
Payment System Full Payment
Online Admission Admission Now

Course Module

WordPress Installation Basics of WordPress template
PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion Responsive Design using Bootstrap
template hierarchy working with Starter theme Underscores
navigation, pagination comments
plugin, api widgets and sidebars
hooks, actions, filters short codes and final project

Scopes In Freelancing

  • CMS Developer
  • Web Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Theme Developer
  • Plugins Developer

Job Place

  • Up Work
  • Freelancer
  • Peopleperhour
  • Fiver
  • Themeforest

Software Taught

  • Adobe Photoshop CC Version
  • Notepad, Notepad++
  • PhpStorm
  • Web Browsers

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