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Course Name: Web Design & Development With CMS Admission Now

Web Design & Development With CMS


Web Application Development Course is the most important course for a web developer. By this course, a static website is converted to a dynamic one by the use of web programming language and database. We provide web development course using PHP programming language and my SQL database. We are the Best Web Design Development Training in Satkhira Bangladesh.

In this modern age of the internet, every company is in need of a website to reach their customers. There is an increasing number of web applications have been developed with the use of programming languages like PHP or ASP.NET. Programming languages like PHP support complex designs and architecture like Facebook and others strong website. In the Web Design industry, the standards and architecture can change quite often. And this is why you can attend the training in Web Design and Development course at South Bangla IT Zone. Here at South Bangla IT Zone, real-time professionals teach Web Designing while giving the student priority.

So, why South Bangla IT Zone, right? South Bangla IT Zone is here to offer services for Web Designing related programs. The professionals at South Bangla IT Zone try to engage in an interactive session with the students to find out what they don’t understand on the course. We are here to give the students training on the basis of the current industry standards. If you can build a strong portfolio that has a highly built resume for Web Designing then you can rank higher in the community. But first, let’s take a look at CMS. We are experienced in CMS training center in Satkhira Bangladesh.

What is CMS?

A Content Management System happens to be a Web application which requires the use of a database like MySQL. There are other methods for creating, editing, and storing HTML content that employs a manageable way. Content can be created and edited on the web in an administration portion of the web application. That is mostly referred to as Backend. This resulting content has to be then displayed to the viewers on the regular site. This can be referred to as the Frontend. We teach the students WordPress because of the most popularity.

So why will you use CMS like WordPress? Well, there are quite a few reasons to use CMS, but, the main reason is to make creating and editing of content “simple and easy”. Content is not limited to text only. A lot of times, the content you need on a site is a contact form or user authentication system. The trick here for you is to use the CMS which will provide functionality but will not sacrifice ease of use for yourself. And depending on the situation, it can also imply to your customer too. Any good CMS allows you to spend more time focusing on the design of the frontend. If you are able to spend more time on the front end’s design compared to implementing extensions or functionality then the CMS is good.  South Bangla IT Zone is best Web Design Development Training in Satkhira Bangladesh. You can’t doubt that there are enormous possibilities and good bright future among the web development profession. What you require is taking professional training in web development. You have to learn all of the modern web development languages. Increasing the skills of a web designer is the key to success for you.

What to look for in a CMS?

There are quite a few things to look for in a content management system. And we have listed down some of the important things:

  1. Quick and easy installation
  2. Simple administration interface
  3. Quick and easy extension of CMS benefitting extra functionality
  4. Simple template manipulation
  5. Helpful user community

Now, this can seem counter-intuitive, start looking for the CMS that has the best design appeal for you. If you have an appealing design that is the best indicator that the user-interface is going to be user-friendly. Still, keep in mind to do the research before you invest time and energy in a particular system. Now bear in mind that there are other courses on Web Designing you can do at South Bangla IT Zone as well.

Also using advanced HTML, CSS & Javascript libraries such as Jquery, Modern JS, etc. The course is designed with a professional syllabus so that a learner can easily enter in this career field after successfully completing this course. We conduct this course different than other institutes.

We provide course materials and soft copy to all our students. After class, a student can contact us on our online helpline 24 hrs. We try our best to solve the learning problems of our students. South Bangla IT Zone is the Best Web Design Development Training in Satkhira Bangladesh. There are many job opportunity in the marketplace as like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelance and more. And we are hopeful that every student finishing the course can make it in the marketplace.

  1. Responsive web design Training
  2. Website Design & Development Training
  3. E-Commerce Training

Course Fee & Schedule

Course Fee 11,999 BDT
Start date 01 June , 2020
Total classes 35
Schedule 1 9.00 am to 11.00 pm
Schedule 2 12.00 PM to 2.00 PM
Schedule 3 4.00 PM To 6.00 PM
Choice 2/3 days a week
Total Seat 10 students per batch.
Pre-requisite IT Knowledge, Internet Browsing Knowledge
Total Hours 70 hrs
Class Duration 2 hrs
Payment System Full Payment
Online Admission Admission Now

Course Module

HTML5, CSS2, CSS3 Java script, JQuery
PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion Responsive Design using Bootstrap
Adobe Photoshop CS cPanel Controlling
Concept Of CMS(WordPress) How To Create Blog Using WordPress
How to bid in different marketplace? How to interaction with clients
How you will get the money? cPanel Controlling & Freelancing
FTP Controlling Web Mail Server

Scopes In Freelancing

  • Web Designer
  • CMS Developer
  • Web Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Theme Developer

Job Place

  • Up Work
  • Freelancer
  • Peopleperhour
  • Fiver
  • Themeforest

Software Taught

  • Adobe Photoshop CC Version
  • Notepad, Notepad++
  • PhpStorm
  • Web Browsers

How Can South Bangla IT Zone assist you in Freelancing?

  • How to create an outsourcing website profile and 100% complete profile?
  • What is the process to pass exams for separate outsourcing earning profiles?
  • How to create perfect cover letters for each category of job posting?
  • How to apply and activate MasterCard & International Payments System?
  • Your first three or four client interview practically solved by us?
  • After taking the course from South Bangla IT Zone Outsourcing Solution then you will get lifetime support & help?
  • Enjoy the courses in individual care in a home-friendly environment?

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