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eCommerce Development

An e-Commerce Website is any type of business that involves the use of the internet and selling a product or service. The first thing that comes to mind is an online store, like Amazon, that sells goods that are then shipped to a consumer. However, an e-Commerce Website could involve the sales of a virtual good or a service as well. eCommerce is growing sector of the internet as more and more origination are bringing their real life stores online. For example, a website set up with the purpose of selling an eBook or informational brochure would be an e-Commerce Website. Another example is a rent a car company that books appointments and takes payment online.

The right e-Commerce Website will engage customers, enrich your business and improve your bottom line. The wrong one can drive traffic away. That is why we offer top-notch solutions to help you solve your e-Commerce problem!

Why you need to develop a website for your company?

  • To put identity of your business/organization in the global market.
  • To make updates of your business/organization from anyplace, anywhere.
  • Update site products, Update Manu as need, Manage site images, anaged your brand.
  • To buildup and maintain 100% your business website without delving into IT Knowledge
  • To modify/customize Slider Images or Gallery Images of your website.
  • To avail a robust backend without going to any complexities of C-Panel
  • Build and Develop Web Pages without any technical knowledge
  • Build Robust Menus in the Website.
  • To display user-friendly, cluster-free information to clients for easy user experience

Customize Design On Client Requirement

Individual Web Module Price:

  • Online Feedback Form: tk 1000/ 12$
  • Facebook Likebox: tk 1500/ 18$
  • Digital Watch: tk 1000/ 12$
  • Digital Counter: tk 1000/12$
  • Blog System: tk 3000/40$
  • Google Map: tk 1000/ 12$
  • Banner: tk 1500/ 18$
  • Slider(Javascript-based): tk 3000/ 35$
  • Contents(A4): tk 1400/17$
  • Image(/designed/edited): tk 50/ .80$

Terms & Condition:

  • If Client Failed to provide the content within 30 days after contract then the project will count as a complete project.
  • Post Sales Support: 1 month
  • Charges per extra pages: 2000 taka / $26
  • If the page size is more the A4 size then additional cost will be 2000 taka / $26 per A4 size Content
  • Domain and hosting must be renewing in every year before 1 month of expired date. Otherwise additional cost will be added according to the domain hosting renew rules. For more Visit: http://sbitzone.com/service/domain-registration
  • If image need to customized like background change or color change or any kind of editing then additional cost will be 50 taka / $0.7 per picture.

Payment Procedure:

  • 70% advance payment for website development
  • 30% due payment within 3 days after complete the full project.
  • Client must provide all content with work order.
  • Payment will goes to South Bangla IT Zone account pay cheque.

Within 48 Hours

  • Free Of Cost


  • 1st Training(1 hour): Free
  • 2nd Training: 2000 taka / $25 4 hour (Inside South Bangla IT Zone)
  • Training: 5000 taka / $35 per hour (Outside South Bangla IT Zone)-After 1st training, if needed.

Other Features

Product Management :

  • Product inserts, Edit, Delete and search
  • Final approval facility of Product Stock
  • Insert your product image
  • Edit Product Reviews
  • Showing similar items list
  • Developed Payment integration
  • Collection to store or regular shipping
  • Add facilities to Wish-list and Comparison functionalities
  • Share Buttons for different Social Media even email to the closest one
  • Different attributes like sizes, colors, models
  • Search Results rewrites and redirects
  • Multiple images per product
  • Products pictures zooming facilities
  • Choice List of products per page
  • Product sorting by relevance and price
  • Manufacturers, brands management
  • Inventory Management, Minimum and Maximum quantities

Customer Management System:

  • Manage customer accounts
  • Customer details and previous orders view
  • Individual Customers product reviews
  • Verify customer accounts by SMS
  • Order delivery tracking system
  • Delete customer accounts
  • Reset customer passwords
  • Export customers to Excel

Orders Management (OMS):

  • Searching and sorting facility to find orders
  • Full authority to Manage and updated order status
  • Track order number with customer information
  • Auto Listed order number and all customer information
  • Delivery tracking status when order is placed
  • Applying Different offer and promotion (discount/offer/Coupon Code) on Order
  • Confirmation email when order is placed
  • Auto updated inventory list by Adding returned products
  • Adding private notes to the order
  • Customization on Orders statuses
  • Auto printed PDF invoices, slips and delivery slips

Statistics / graph oriented Result:

  • Charts and Statistics showing with Interactive administrative dashboard
  • Dashboard statistics new customers vs. returning,
  • Most used discount codes statistics
  • Statistics on Store sales order volume, store sales by amount
  • Per affiliate Statistics
  • Google Analytics integration
  • General reports on inventory reporting, products in store

eCommerce Security :

  • SSL certificates
  • Secured versions of a framework
  • Plugins and themes are not infected by any virus
  • Protection against DDoS targets
  • Security auditing
  • Site monitoring
  • Protection from SQL Injection
  • Cookies encryption
  • Block repeated attempts to recover passwords
  • Phishing and spam protected

eCommerce Administration :

  • Users Management and permissions
  • Maintenance mode
  • IP white list system for user
  • Content management system
  • Database backup facilities
  • SMTP integration for e-mails sending
  • Products indexation for an optimized search

SMS and Email Integration :

  • Customer accounts by SMS
  • Order placed confirmation
  • Payment confirmation by SMS and eMail
  • Reports :
  • Product inventory report with attribute (color, size)
  • Reports on Party Ledger
  • Income Statement reports
  • Trial Balance report
  • Report on Sales and SMS

Web Content :

  • Home page content
  • Warranty Policy, Returns and Replacement, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy
  • Unlimited page creation facility
  • Live Chat integration