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YouTube Marketing

South Bangla IT Zone introducing best way of promote your product & services in largest YouTube video marketing platform. Now a day’s YouTube video marketing and image banners marketing already take a good position in Bangladesh. On YouTube, viewers can discover videos in various ways, for example, by searching on the YouTube search page, clicking suggested videos on the watch page, or choosing a video from the homepage feed. This means you can more effectively find people who are searching for you and your brand across YouTube.

Power of YouTube Marketing:

Earlier YouTube served merely as a source of entertainment. But today it is increasingly becoming an essential marketing tool for businesses. A lot of business owners still ask the why they need to do YouTube Marketing when their product is not entertainment-based and their audience is not on YouTube. Well that’s where you are wrong. Almost one third of your audience’s total time online is spent watching videos.  People are getting increasingly busy and have no time to read. They look for videos that are short and sweet and get the message they want to hear across.

No wonder YouTube enjoys more than 1 billion active users! It is accessed by people all over the world and hosts content in more than 76 languages! That accounts for about 95%of the world’s population.

Don’t you think your business needs of piece of that YouTube pie? What you need is a YouTube Marketing Service provider in Bangladesh.

Why your business need YouTube marketing?

YouTube is a great way to capture the attention of your prospective consumers/ clients. After all, it is the second most visited site on the internet. Imagine what that kind of exposure could do to your business!

You can use this medium to generate traffic in really large volumes. YouTube provides a really cost-effective strategy to disseminate videos to its audience. In fact, its audience is even larger than that of television and radio.

Through your YouTube videos, you can get more people to engage with you, your business or your product / service. You can even add Call to Actions to get people to click on links to your website. I don’t see anything but a win-win here.

You can boost your Search Engine ranking by having optimized YouTube videos. After Google’s acquisition of YouTube, it has started ranking YouTube videos very high in its search results. As such, if your build your marketing strategy around YouTube, you can use it to further boost your SEO ranking, thereby traffic to your channel.

Best YouTube marketing service provider in Bangladesh:

South Bangla IT Zone provide ourselves as the best YouTube Marketing Service Provider in Bangladesh. We know the ins and outs of the process and are well versed with all the tools that the platform provides. We stay in touch and keep abreast of all new business features that YouTube comes up with and make sure to always design your YouTube channel with your brand in mind. We have extensive experience in this field and have generated a great amount of traffic for our clients. We offer engagement models that can be customized according to requirements of your business. Most importantly we offer the best in-class solutions at the most competitive rates. Here are some of the YouTube marketing services in bd that we provide:

  • We create your YouTube channel and customize it to work in line with your business and its requirements
  • We post content and manage your YouTube channel on a regular basis
  • We provide text transcription of your YouTube Videos to support SEO of the channel / videos
  • We generate keywords and titles and integrate your channel with Google Analytics to ensure more traffic to your videos and website.
  • We embed a custom YouTube button to your website which when clicked redirects your viewers to the original video.
  • We advise on with the best ways to make full use of your Facebook page and help you get more sales from it.
  • We implement SEO strategies to your YouTube marketing campaign so more people looking for you can find you online.

Types of video ADS:

The video ad can appear when a user initiates video play either in the beginning (pre-roll), at points in between (mid-roll), or after (post-roll). Video ads are offered as either skippable or non-skippable, and may be served as a YouTube-hosted video (recommended) or a third-party-hosted video.


In a skippable video ad, viewers are given the choice to skip the ad after the initial 5 seconds. After the view of a skippable ad, it will increment the YouTube view count at the 30 seconds mark or when the ad has been watched completely. Skippable video ads can be a maximum of 60 seconds long.


In a non-skippable video ad, viewers are not given the choice to skip the ad. Note that non-skippable video ads do not increment the view count. Non skippable ads can be a maximum of 15 seconds (20 seconds in EMEA, India, Malaysia, and Singapore). Non-skippable video ads that are up to 30-seconds long are allowed on a sub-set of inventory. We also offer 5 second “bumper video ads” as part of sponsorship packages. (Right now we can’t support you in Non-skippable)

Start with any budget:

You set your own budget, so your costs will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your advertising. Some businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars a month, and others are comfortable investing several hundred.

Average Bidding CPC (Cost per Click) – 0.02 -0.05 $

Average Bidding Cost-Per-View (CPV) – 0.05 – 1.00 $

Set your campaign budget as your wish but lowest budget is USD 10.00 for 1 day.

*** Service charge 1000 BDT for per Campaign & We Count 1$ = 100 BDT***

Payment Procedure:

  • 100% advance payment
  • Client must provide all content with work order.
  • Payment will goes to “South Bangla IT Zone” account pay cheque or cash.
  • All Tax, Vat & Other Charge Excluded.

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