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Frequently asked questions

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When South Bangla IT Zone was established?

South Bangla IT Zone was established in December 2016.

How many trainers or developers South Bangla IT Zone has?

South Bangla IT Zone employs 7+ trainers and developers in various professional courses.

How many students took professional courses from South Bangla IT Zone?

From 2016 till present, we have trained more than 100+ students in various courses in our institute.

How many projects are completed by South Bangla IT Zone?

South Bangla IT Zone has completed over 100+ projects both local and foreign.

What scholarships & course discounts are available from South Bangla IT Zone?

Yes, scholarships & course discounts are available. This is according to the terms and conditions of South Bangla IT Zone and economical status of the students.

What fields of work South Bangla IT Zone is working on?

we are working on several IT sectors such as IT Training, Industrial Attachment for Diploma Engineers, Freelancing, Web Development, Software Development, Workshop on IT related courses and others.

Are there any other branches of South Bangla IT Zone around Bangladesh?

No. right now there are no other branches of South Bangla IT Zone, but we plan to open several branches all over Bangladesh.

Can South Bangla IT Zone help in getting Jobs after Course complete?

After course completion, we help dedicated and skilled students to get into the job market.

What duration is for the courses? What is the class time usually?

Course duration depends on each course syllabus. The class hour is from minimum 2 hrs to 3hrs. And each course is 2/3 days per week.