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Course Name: Web Application Development With Codeigniter Admission Now

Web Application Development With Codeigniter


Codeigniter is a powerful open source web application framework based on MVC architecture for use in building full-featured dynamic web sites with PHP. Codeigniter is loosely based on the popular Model-View-Controller development framework. Code Igniter has a collection of pre-defined libraries that would help to create necessary functions without the need for coding from scratch.

We at South Bangla IT Zone give corporate level training in CodeIgniter from Satkhira, Khulna, Bangladesh. We give both classroom and online training by PHP developers. CodeIgniter training will help you save time, make your web application much robust. We give our training (Classroom and Online) to make your code easier to read and maintain. To train our candidates to be industry fit, by training them by real time web developers. If you want to learn CodeIgnitor to excel your skills in web development then you are the right place.

Here’s what you will learn:

This course in Codeigniter at South Bangla IT Zone, uses a project based approach for learning. Multiple explanations of all concepts are taught with practical exposure, our trainers help you build a number of projects from simple to extra advanced as follow

  1. Setting up and installing Codeigniter
  2. Basics of Codeigniter
  3. Understand what is MVC and how MVC work.
  4. Introduction of libraries and helpers.
  5. Create first codeigniter appliation.
  6. Learn to build dynamic web application using CI
  7. Implement live demo project


  1. Integration with Mail Services
  2. Integration with Tools for Making Web Applications Faster
  3. Fixing the Most Common Technical Vulnerabilities
  4. Configuration Error and Exception Handling
  5. URL Routing Configuration
  6. Scheduling Tasks Configuration and Management

Course Fee & Schedule

Course Fee 13,999 BDT
Start date 01 June , 2020
Total classes 30
Schedule 1 9.00 am to 11.00 pm
Schedule 2 12.00 PM to 2.00 PM
Schedule 3 4.00 PM To 6.00 PM
Choice 2/3 days a week
Total Seat 10 students per batch.
Pre-requisite IT Knowledge, Internet Browsing Knowledge, PHP OOP
Total Hours 60 hrs
Class Duration 2 hrs
Payment System Full Payment
Online Admission Admission Now

Course Module

Over view of HTML5 Over view of CSS3
Basic Concept of row PHP OOP, Object , Class , Method ,Constructor
Introduction and Installation of Codeigniter Introduction , Models ,Views ,Controllers
Design Patterns and Structure Routes
Building a Blog using multiple Codeigniter Features Custom helpers

Scopes In Freelancing

  • Web Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Codeigniter Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Backend Developer

Job Place

  • Up Work
  • Freelancer
  • Peopleperhour
  • Fiver
  • Themeforest

Software Taught

  • Version Control
  • Composer
  • PhpStom
  • Web Browsers
  • Web Server

How Can South Bangla IT Zone assist you in Freelancing?

  • How to create an outsourcing website profile and 100% complete profile?
  • What is the process to pass exams for separate outsourcing earning profiles?
  • How to create perfect cover letters for each category of job posting?
  • How to apply and activate MasterCard & International Payments System?
  • Your first three or four client interview practically solved by us?
  • After taking the course from South Bangla IT Zone Outsourcing Solution then you will get lifetime support & help?
  • Enjoy the courses in individual care in a home-friendly environment?

What Our Happy Student Say?

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