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Industrial Attachment

South Bangla IT Zone provides a platform for Industrial Attachment to Diploma Engineering students of our country. Under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board(BTEB), 4yrs Diploma in Engineering has a requirement for training as Industrial Attachment. This is for that a diploma student can achieve real life professional job experience while learning his technical skills. South Bangla IT Zone dedicatedly provides such training to the Diploma Engineers. South Bangla IT Zone teaches them to become self-dependent and they also grow a desire to pursue higher study.

The syllabus which is included in the 4 years Diploma Engineering is never completed in the vocational institute due to various constraints, so they become bitterly despondent and discouraged in their study. South Bangla IT Zone has the capability to handle this situation properly and in the process regenerate their mental spirit. They are given training by skilled, talented and professional trainers.

The students are taught every subject in a practical way and a guidance is shown on the subjects, which are important in the current job market.

South Bangla IT Zone utmost helps to bring out the true talents of the students of Diploma Engineers and fervently helps talented, hard working, responsible persons to get jobs or startup something on their own.

Our modern labs facilitate our students by improving speed of their work flow. After each class, we provide video tutorials for easily solving problems which may arise at home. And if any problems arise on understanding the lectures delivered in the class, those can be solved later on. We provide our assistance and support even after 12 weeks course completion.

We provide Industrial Attachment Courses on:

  1. Computer Technology.
  2. Civil Engineering.
  3. AIDT Engineering.
  4. Telecommunication Engineering.
  5. Electrical Engineering.
  6. Electronics Engineering.